2019. 5. 22 - 25 @ Royal Hotel OKINAWA ZANPAMISAKI

10mins Presentation #8Optimize from marketing performance to shopfront! What is the synergy between Datorama and salesforce?

  • Day2019/05/24 [10:05]
  • PlacePrecious Hall


Today, brands can connect customer in various way. Marketers are delivering a lot of campaigns, creatives with various tools. So that data to review is increasing every day. It is a crucial point to harmonize all data crossing channel and review PDCA cycle quickly in oder to optimize marketing. It is not only for enterprise but also for even artist.
On the other hand, marketer should deliver their brand value to customer safely. Even though marketers do execute their marketing activities effectively, the shopfront doesn't address that message or brand image accurately, marketing turns into vain. No sales at worst. Now Datorama and salesforce are together to make marketing and sales promotion align effectively. We will introduce you a new vision of Datorama x salesforce synergy.