2019. 5. 22 - 25 @ Royal Hotel OKINAWA ZANPAMISAKI

Lunch Presentation #1CHOCOLATE Inc.’s Answer to the Relationship Between Branding and Contents, After Years of Vigorous Discussions

  • Day2019/05/24 [12:00]
  • PlacePrecious Hall


The battle between millions of contents holders has begun. The battle to get that one minute, sometimes even one sole second of the user's attention. Where VOD fights against APP games.
Where traditional advertising no longer has space.
We, CHOCOLATE Inc., have received countless numbers of inquiries from national and global mega-brands who seek to grasp that single second of physical and mental attention of such users. How should a brand engage with its potential customers, when their attention is constantly being swayed by literally millions of "non-advertising" contents? How should a brand stock its years of assets in a way that will keep optimal brand engagement for years to come?

We hope to share with you the hint to this question - if not the answer itself.