2019. 5. 22 - 25 @ Royal Hotel OKINAWA ZANPAMISAKI

Breakout Session CLatest Research Methods for Brand Ads and Marketing on the LINE Platform

  • Day2019/05/24 [11:30]
  • Place2F Royal Hall


[Part 1] LINE advertisement offerings tailored for brand clients; use cases of LINE ads combined with TV advertising; trends and latest development in brand lift survey.
[Part 2] LINE Research and how it differs from other research panels; measuring TV ad effectiveness using chatbot and other research methods unique to LINE; latest trend in offline surveys.
[Part 3] Products that leverage ads and surveys.

At "Breakout Session", 3 companies will have 30 mins presentation simultaneously. First time at 11:00~ and second time at 11:40 (same contents). Attendees will select 1 company each time.