2019. 5. 22 - 25 @ Royal Hotel OKINAWA ZANPAMISAKI

10mins Presentation #9Redefine the Market from Consumer Insights

  • Day2019/05/24 [10:15]
  • PlacePrecious Hall


With the evolution of marketing technology, we have gained "detailed data segmentation", "automated communication", and "algorithmic optimization". However, many of these approaches fall in the narrowing optimum with small impact on thier business. BICP believes that it is important to set high-level purpose at the beginning of the project, as marketing tactics are diversified and deeper expertise is required today. The size of the business impact depends on the size of the issues we set. In this presentation, we will introduce a snap shot of our marketing activities that explores "new issues" of consumers from "Insight" point of view rather than "Products" and redefines "value" and "market" that generate business impact.