Naho Kono
Rakuten, Inc.
Group Managing Executive Officer Chief Marketing Officer

Kono was appointed to the role of Chief Marketing Officer in 2018, to lead Rakuten’s innovative data-driven marketing efforts. With a focus on strengthening the Rakuten ecosystem centered on a unique membership ID and point program, Kono is also working to raise Rakuten’s profile on the international stage through initiatives such as the global partnership with the much-admired soccer team FC Barcelona.
Kono joined Rakuten in 2003 from a marketing role at SBI Securities and held leadership roles within Rakuten Ichiba in sales, marketing, media planning, UI/UX, mobile strategy and compliance. From 2016 to 2018, next to founder and CEO Mickey Mikitani, she was the most senior executive within the E-Commerce Company, which included Japan’s leading online shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba, as well as the C2C platform Rakuma, Rakuten Books, logistics operations and the international e-commerce marketplace businesses.